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Fostering faculty creativity and innovation

For more than 20 years, Newton Schools Foundation provided grants to teachers whose creative and innovative proposals enhanced students’ learning experiences.  Through these grants, educators at all levels have developed new curricula, generated innovative teaching methods that have been used throughout the system, enhanced their professional skills, and augmented the learning opportunities available to all Newton Public Schools students. Between 1985 and 2009, Newton Schools Foundation awarded more than $2.5 million in grants. See some of our success stories.

Evolving to meet changing needs

Over the years, federal and state mandates for education have strained educational funds and staff time available for innovation, while technology has transformed how we do things. In response, Newton Schools Foundation has evolved and adapted to the changing educational landscape, while remaining true to its mission.

In 2009, NSF partnered with the Newton Public Schools and the Parent Teacher Organizations to provide classrooms with a new teaching technology, interactive smartboards, which enabled 5th grade teachers to individualize teaching and better assess student progress and achievement.  During the succeeding years, NSF continued to support the Newton Public Schools’ initiatives to furnish schools with innovative tools to support the NPS mission and vision.

NSF Today

Today NSF continues its relationship with the Newton Public Schools by supporting the expansion of innovative programs already generated within the schools in areas ranging from science and engineering to literacy and the arts.  These programs develop creative thinking, problem solving, communication and leadership skills needed to better prepare students for college and future jobs in today’s challenging global community. 

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