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NSF in The Newton Tab

Newton Schools Foundation: We All Have a Stake in Our Schools

A new school year has begun. Thousands of backpack-laden students taking to Newton streets by foot, bike and bus remind us why so many families move here: for the schools.  And it’s not just families who benefit. Our highly regarded public schools offer continuing education, athletic facilities, and cultural opportunities for all Newton residents. They make Newton a desirable place to live and bolster property values. In return, community support and engagement help ensure the continued vitality of the Newton Public Schools.


Newton Schools Foundation (NSF) is a key component in that equation.  NSF is the private non-profit organization that works in partnership with the Newton Public Schools and the Newton community to preserve our school system’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Through fundraising, NSF supports exciting new curricula and teacher development to promote continuous improvement in Newton’s public schools.  Through outreach, NSF engages Newton residents in supporting public education in our city. 


Fundraising and More

Funds raised by NSF from Newton residents, businesses, alumni and others, support new and innovative programs and help expand promising ones.  These programs span every grade and all public schools across the district.  NSF funds also support programs targeting students whose vital needs are difficult to address in the school department’s operating budget. These are the types of programs that traditionally suffer when public resources are limited.  In addition, NSF provides financial oversight for global education and STEM programs outside the classroom.


NSF-funded initiatives fall within two broad categories: New curricula and learning opportunities, and professional development.


New curricula and learning opportunities foster high achievement for all students by developing creative thinking, problem solving, communication, and leadership skills for success in our global economy.  Among the exciting new programs NSF funds are:

  • Newton South’s new interdisciplinary Da Vinci Program, combining math, science and art to encourage students to create and innovate
  • The middle school engineering program focused on developing sustainable energy
  • The Calculus Project, providing school-year tutoring and a four-week summer program to low-income and minority students beginning in middles school, to help them succeed in rigorous high school math courses.  
  • A new computer coding initiative


Professional development helps educators identify and pursue new methods of teaching and deepen their knowledge of critical content areas. The elementary writing program, which has students writing earlier, more often and in more dynamic ways and is expanding into sixth grade, and the culturally competent teaching initiative at Newton North High School are just two of the professional development initiatives NSF is currently funding.


Newton Schools Foundation also provides financial oversight and fundraising support for the Jennifer Price Global Education Leadership Fund or GELF, which funds scholarships for Newton high school students to travel overseas; the Beijing Jingshan Exchange Program; and Ligerbots, the combined Newton North/Newton South robotics club; while administering several scholarship funds established by Newton community members to help Newton students pursue higher education.


Community Outreach

In addition to raising and administering funds, NSF cultivates community engagement around education. Our keynote event, “Newton Inspires: An Evening of Ideas and Community,” brings together dozens of Newton’s most interesting and accomplished personalities to share their knowledge, expertise and vision.  Now in its fifth year, this much-anticipated free program, scheduled for Monday November 9 at 7 p.m. at Newton South High School, highlights Newton’s wealth of intellectual and creative human resources and inspires continual learning. It’s also NSF’s way of saying “Thank you” to the Newton community for supporting our children’s education. Please mark your calendars and visit for more information and to register. 


It Takes a Village

Spearheading these fundraising and outreach efforts is NSF’s volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of parents of Newton students and graduates, Newton public school alumni, Newton educators, both current and retired, and other passionate Newton residents.  An advisory board of additional community volunteers provides as-needed consultation in their respective areas of expertise. These volunteers, working with the NSF program director, dedicate their time, expertise and resources to help make our schools the best they can be for Newton students…tomorrow’s leaders.


Please join us. Come to Newton Inspires on November 9.  Learn about NSF and the programs we fund.  Take advantage of the resources and programs that the Newton schools offer to kids and adults alike. And invest in our public schools by donating to the Newton Schools Foundation ( As Newton residents, we all have a stake in creating and maintaining strong Newton public schools.


-Marcia Tabenken and Josh Weiss, Co-presidents, Newton Schools Foundation


Whole Foods Hosts Giving Grill on August 11

On Friday, August 11 from 11 am - 2pm Whole Foods will host "Giving Grill" at both Newton stores,  946 Walnut Street and 647 Washington Street.  For $5 shoppers can get a burger, chips and a drink and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to NSF. 

Newton North and Newton South Team Up to Run Marathon for NSF

Anna Ford, adminstration at NNHS and Holly Kee, Southside Aide at NSHS have teamed up to run the Boston Marathon for NSF.  Each has committed to raise $2500 that will go to programs that NSF supports in the Newton Public Schools.  Please donate to Holly's Boston Marathon Run for NSF and/or Anna's Boston Marathon Run for NSF


  Holy Kee        
Anna Ford

NSF Raises Over $40,000 For Honor Thy Teacher

The 2016 "Honor Thy Teacher"Campaign raised over $40,000 and recognized over 800 teachers at each of Newton's 21 public schools.  Over 400 Newton residents made donations to NSF.

NSF Funds Generation Citizen

NSF Funding Helps Middle Schoolers Become Active Citizens

Newton eighth graders are learning to be civic activists through Generation Citizen a hands-on educational initiative that teaches middle and high school students how to affect meaningful change in their communities by taking civic action.Newton Schools Foundation funded the successful pilot in two Day Middle School social studies classes in Spring 2016 and provided additional funding for the program’s roll-out this year to all eighth

Middle School


At the October 24, 2016 School Committee Meeting, Newton Schools Foundation presented Dr. David Fleishman, superintendent of the Newton Public Schools, with a check for $140,000. The funds will be used to seed and roll out new curricula and instruction that enhance academic achievement, improve social/emotional wellness, and help close the achievement gap among students in the Newton Public Schools.


GELF Dinner A Success

The 8th Annual Jennifer Price Global Education Leadership Fund Dinner Raised $58,600

Thanks to all who came to the eighth annual GELF benefit dinner on April 2nd, 2016! Through the generosity of our donors, the night was a huge success, well surpassing its fundraising goal of $50,000 for a grand total of more than $58,600!

Vote for NSF as part of Boston Globe GRANT Program

Please give your Boston Globe GRANT to Newton Schools Foundation online or by mail

If you are a Boston Globe print or digital subscriber, you are eligible to show your support for NSF through their 2016 GRANT program: Globe Readers And Non-profits Together. All subscribers will receive a gift check worth up to $100 dollars that can be designated to a non-profit of your choice for free advertising.


NSF Funds New Elementary Music Program

NSF is funding a pilot program in elementary music modeled after El Sistema, established in Venezuela, to introduce low-income children to instrumental music. Read more

NSF Donates to NPS


At the February 25 School Committee Meeting, Newton Schools Foundation presented Dr. David Fleishman, superintendent of the Newton Public Schools, with a check for $105,000 for 2015-16. This donation represents NSF's yearly contribution to fund innovative educational programs that are difficult to address in the school department’s operating budget.