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Green Trail Project

The Green Trail at Newton South High School is a cohesive link between the wetlands project, South's organic garden, the greenhouse, and the aquariums representing the Charles River and Boston Harbor. Additionally, the trail includes a new native forest project and connection to the Kennard Park and Conservation area off Dudley Road.

The new forest project behind Wheeler House will be utilized as an outdoor laboratory for native plant and bird identification and research. A partnership with Massachusetts Wildflower Society supplied native plants and offered technical assistance.

This collaboration among Newton South High School’s History, Science, and Family and Consumer Sciences departments, focused on climate change, invasive species and protection of biodiversity. Through signs and landscaping, the area has become an outdoor classroom. NSF’s funds were instrumental in the creation of the Green Trail. Money went for landscaping, the building of a kiosk near the wetlands, the renovation of the greenhouse, and South’s year-round garden. 

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